Western Chicken Spaghetti

Asking my husband to go out and grab something from our “Redneck freezer,” is asking for a talking to, but I did it anyhow. Yes, that freezer is so stuffed, that when he went out,  I prayed  the chicken would be right near the top, or his frustration level would be sky high.

It wasn’t. Near the top, that is.

He had to dig through the blocks of thawed and then refrozen ice… in our redneck freezer… in our shed… in the winter. Not a recipe for cozy delight.

As he returned, he eyed me, “You need to do another one of those things. You know that thing where you don’t shop for the month and we eat up everything we already have, but never use? You’ve done it the last few January’s?”

I sighed, “You mean my Pantry Challenge?”

“Yes, that.”

“Yep, I NEED too. I just don’t think I WANT too.”

So as I get up the motivation to do what I NEED to do, my Pantry and Freezer Challenge, even though I don’t WANT too, I’ll share a recipe that I always start with since  I certainly have those ingredients in the house.

It’s my test drive. I use recipes like this a lot during the winter, since I don’t have to “think” much when I make it. It always tastes good, and I can throw in extra ingredients, like some more veggies, if I am trying to use them up. Since I follow my 10 Minute Dinner philosophy, I already have chicken cooked and baggied up in my freezer (read “Cooking Chicken in Bulk“), as well as some chopped onions, it’s only a matter of thawing those, throwing them into my skillet and continuing from that point in the recipe.

As you look at the list of ingredients, don’t gasp when you see Velveeta. I don’t cook with it on a regular basis, but one of my favorite appetizers consists of sausage, salsa, Velveeta and Cream Cheese.

Yep, it’s completely sinful and addicting. We only have it a couple times a year, but it is football season, so that one needs to be made. It’s tradition. Velveeta just melts so creamy in this casserole, but you may easily substitute real cheese and “healthify (my word) it. If substituting real cheese, which I often do, mix in some softened cream cheese or cooking  cream to give it that creamy texture.

This yummy casserole has just enough zip to it that it gives a perfect twist on the tradition spaghetti. Make sure and double this for another meal, since it freezes and reheats well.

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  1. What size block of Velveeta do you use 1/3 of? Around here, it comes in a few different sizes. (Alternately, about how many ounces should one use?)

    • Lynn – for this casserole, you would use one whole block of the small Velveeta that they sell (and I need to go to the store and see the number of ounces. So sorry that I didn’t include that. Since I buy the larger block and make the dip as well, I should have clarified. )

  2. Sounds great to me.. but I cant eat noodles.. unless I found rice noodles or something… I’ll have to think about that.. I bet those clear rice noodles would be great. 🙂

    I made a pressure cooker meal last night I thought I’d send you.. for some reason I thought it would be right up your alley if you ever got a pressure cooker.. I will send it.. as soon as I find your email address.. 😉

    • Yes, Kim. Let me know how you liked it. I MUST get a pressure cooker and learn. It would be a GREAT addition to this site. I should have told you to take pictures. 😉

  3. I make this all the time but put it in the crock pot on low for 3 hours. I use the rotisserie chicken as well. The velveeta is the small block they sell.

    • Oh Lisa – that is a GREAT suggestion. So you just follow the recipe as is, but instead of baking it, you throw it in the crockpot so the ingredients all blend well that way? Do you add any additional sauce or anything at all or are the noodles fine because you cooked them? I do this with other recipes, so you are right, this would work perfectly in the crock pot too. Thanks for adding that. Let me know if you add anything else.

  4. Jennifer D says:

    Just made this for my super picky husband and he liked it!!! Yay!!! He said it was good just a little too spicy…I used a can of Rotel. May use half a can next time but it is definitely a keeper!!!

    • YAY! Yes to make it less spicy is a breeze. Rotel is a bit on the spicy side, so if he didn’t mind the tomatoes in it, you could just use a can of of regular diced instead.

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