Dump & Run Taco Soup

easy taco soup

For years, this easy taco soup recipe has been a staple in our home. In fact, it’s quite possibly the most requested recipe by our kids, and the fact that it takes less than 10 minutes to throw together makes me “Mother of the Year” quite often. They don’t need to know just how simple […]

Creating Your Own Meal Solutions Notebook

meal solutions binder

Welcome back to my 31 days towards 10 Minute Dinners series. We are spending these first few days instilling new habits or quite possibly dusting off old ones. The goal is to create a solid framework by which to draw upon when our brains are numb, and the “What’s for Dinner?” question echoes through the […]

What Would You Do with 30 lbs of Chicken?

Chicken Meals in Minutes

During my first week of beginning my 10 Minute Dinners blog (with all five of you reading), I shared this post. As I began writing up my next C.O.S.T Cooking post for this series, I realized this really gives you a glimpse into simplifying our meal time so that we can enjoy our minutes connecting, […]

Sharing My Family Dinner Questions: Free Printable

Family Dinner Questions Jar

There are many reasons behind the launch of 10 Minute Dinners. As most would assume, it’s a place to come for quick and easy recipe ideas when we need someone else to do the thinking for us. In addition, it’s my desire is to create a place on the web that celebrates and elevates the […]

Cooking Ground Beef in Bulk (Crock Pot Taco Meat)

Crock Pot Taco Meat

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult tasks for getting meals made with only ten minutes of preparation time is for those of us who must have a power packed protein in the form of chicken, beef, pork etc. If I try to serve more than two vegetarian meals a week, my family revolts, so I […]

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning


It’s so anti-climatic to get you all excited about my new 10 Minute Dinner site, with quick and easy recipe ideas, but then start by having you grab some paper, but that is exactly what I am requesting. These 31 Days are a building month. We are going to be establishing new habits, and if […]