Simple Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

It was 6:15 o’clock last night, and I had no plans for dinner.

I looked at the clock and panicked.

Time had slipped by in a flurry of  “What in the world.  It was just 2:00. Where did the afternoon go?”

By 6:25, this epitome of all comfort foods dish was heating in the oven. By 6:45, the kitchen was flooded with smells that warmed my heart, alongside sounds of children singing my praise for serving their favorite food of all time – this oh, so very Simple Shepherd’s Pie. (Although, they do say that about a few other things as well.)

There’s just something about Shepherd’s Pie that equals comfort. Yet, often, we equate it with a lot of work in the kitchen.


It’s all about just layering your favorites of what you have on hand.

If I haven’t convinced you before to cook up a big batch of Ground Beef in your Crock pot, this should make up your mind. Run, put that meat in your crock pot now, well, unless it’s dinner time. Then it will be ready for tomorrow.

Fortunately, I had already taken a bag of my ground beef out of the freezer. I had added some simple seasonings when I cooked it – garlic salt and onion powder, plus some minced garlic and onions mixed in as well.

With that on hand, I looked at my freezer and saw that I had a bag of frozen corn, and my pantry housed some long forgotten dried potatoes. Now before you run for the hills with that thought, know that I am a potato connoisseur.

My favorite food in the world consists of anything with potatoes and often, I have some Gourmet Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes made up in my freezer, but yesterday, I didn’t.

With that being said, if I think this is delicious with “fake” (as my kids call them) potatoes, trust me on this, it’s still amazing. If you have the extra 30 minutes to go ahead and make some fresh homemade mashed potatoes, go for it, but then you won’t be a hero in less than 10 minutes. 🙂

I was going for hero status in a jiffy, and you can too.

First, I layered the ground beef mixture across the bottom of my pan, and sprinkled a bit of extra seasoning salt on top. Since I am feeding seven, I typically use a 9×13 and a bit more ground beef than just 1 1/2 pounds. Shepherd’s Pie reheats beautifully, so I do love leftovers with this.

Next, I used my favorite steak sauce, BBQ sauce or even ketchup (see here for easy homemade ketchup) and spread a thin layer across the ground beef. This gives it the great “homemade” flavor.

Then I sprinkled a layer of frozen corn right from the bag across my cooked ground beef. (This is when you use what you have. If I had frozen mixed veggies with carrots and peas, I may have used that as well. I’ve even put shredded zucchini on top when it’s in garden season. For a full 9×13, I typically use a one pound bag of corn.)

The top layer is when the mashed potatoes make their entrance. Mix up the bag of potatoes according to their instructions, but to give it the extra flavor edge, stir in some sour cream to make it extra creamy. Spoon that across the entire pan, and then liberally sprinkle your favorite cheese. There is no wrong way to make this Simple Shepherd’s Pie, and I hesitate to give you exact amounts since every one will desire different portions.

Remember, it’s just about layering, and then topping it off with a good ‘ole amount of yummy taters and cheese. That’s the key to a win for this quick meal.

Enjoy! Are you in a comfort food mood yet?

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  1. When I was growing up my Mom made a version of this. She always took the hamburger meat and mixed in a can of Campbell’s tomoato soup and the veggies of choice and whatever seasonings you wanted and then topped with the mashed potatoes, etc. Gives it a great flavor as well.

  2. I’ve never had shepards pie, but this looks delicious. Easy to make and a great comfort food for the cold weather.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. I can’t wait to try this recipe on my family! It reminds me of the KFC bowl with everything stacked!

  4. Delicious and easy

  5. I would love to try this recipe. Can not wait to get in the kitchen.

  6. Not like any shepherd’s pie I have seen but it looks delicious.

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