Simple Sausage Balls Meet Glamour Shots

I still can’t believe my mom wouldn’t let me go.

I was 16 and all my friends were getting these amazing make overs. Their mothers would take them to the mall, they’d have their hair and make up done and then their glamour shot session would begin.  After a few days, (remember it was an archaic time before anything was digital…gasp) my friends would bring in these gorgeous pictures featuring their amazing transformation and I SO wanted that done for me.

But my moms said,”No.”

Well, now I get my chance.

Introducing” simple sausage ball meets glamour shots.

Don’t you think that this good ole stand bye screamed for a little glamming up?

Instead of serving everyone’s favorite mainstay appetizer recipe on a tray or in a bowl, give a hand full of these simple sausage balls the perfect head shot by posing them on a candy stick or extra long toothpick.  Then adorn them with your choices of your favorite dipping sauces.

Every once in awhile people complain when making these and mention they are too dry. Remember, the keys is in the kneading of the ingredients. Make sure they are at room temperature so that they meld together easily.

This is one of those easy recipes where once you make them, you can determine if you want to add more sausage, add seasonings, or even just subtract a little of the baking mix. There’s no rocket science with this recipe, just sheer appetizer goodness.

Now that you’ve given them their appropriate run way to flash all their beauty, what’s out for the paparazzi. With graduations, bridal showers and summer celebrations,  there’s sure to be a frenzy of media attention on these little bites, so enjoy.

Do you have any simple recipes that you enjoy “glamming” up?

Often with entertaining, it’s truly the little things that make the biggest impact.

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  1. We make almost the same recipe for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I love how, you’ve changed the presentation to make them so cute – just because I only make them for my family doesn’t mean we can’t have it look pretty :-).

    Also, another thing I like about this recipe is that you can make the balls ahead of time and then either refrigerate or freeze them (flash freeze so you don’t have a bunch of stuck together balls) and then pop them in the oven in no time to have fresh-out-of-the-oven sausage balls.


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