Sesame Chicken Tenders

What’s not to love about Chicken Tenders?

Typically reserved for those “ordering out” kind of meals, you will be amazing at just how easy it is to bring the restaurant home. Best part about it is that you can save all that deep frying (and splattering mess) because these are baked, making them a much healthier alternative.

Once you bite into these tender strips of crispy chicken, you will never believe it took you less than ten minutes of prep time.

I’ve owned my Black & Decker  Toaster Oven My Top Ten Small Appliances: What are Your Kitchen Workhorses? for years, but I’ve finally decided to upgrade that work horse to a larger Toaster Oven. I love using it for quick meals when only a few of us are at home, and I’ve showed my own kids how to master this recipe in minutes – just using the toaster oven.

Simple Tips: With any easy recipe, feel free to mix it up with varying spices. I went very simple with this, but feel free to add in some garlic salt or other favorite seasonings.  Once you’ve mastered this base recipe, start experimenting by adding a dash of honey or soy sauce to the mayo mixture. Also, this is a perfect time to use up those cracker packs that  have been opened and are beginning to go stale. I mixed three opened packs of varying crackers to create the topping. I avoided food waste and changed up the taste and texture just a bit for a new variety. They crisp up perfectly in the oven.

Enjoy these easy Sesame Chicken Tenders (or Strips for those kids who can’t call them anything else.) 🙂

For a yummy simple Sesame Chicken Recipe, be inspired at this recipe.

Sesame chicken Simple Sesame Chicken at Home


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  1. Hi Jen! I appreciate all your good work in providing me with ideas and help in being a more efficient wife, mother and grandmother. Your recipes are not only fast but more important delicious! Chicken is our go to most often form of protein so I’m looking forward to fix’in up Seseme Chicken Tenders soon. I was wondering if I could ask you to consider connecting your recipes to ZipList. I’m registered with them and it is so easy to download a recipes into my recipe box on ZipList…I notice several bloggers are already connected. Thanks again for all you do for us! God bless you today in a special way!

  2. sounds really good right now!

  3. That is a LOT of sesame seeds! I have bought some in bulk, so I should have enough. This sounds yummy.

  4. Looks good and I have really been enjoying sesame seeds lately. I was wondering what the side dish that has zucchini half slices on it is — it looks good too!

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