Mexican Style Pot Roast

Mexican Roast

Enjoy this new Mexican twist on a traditional roast.

Our family loves roast. I love roast.

I love the multiple meal possibilities that come from a huge roast and dream of the C.O.S.T. (Cook once, serve twice) meals that can be made from doubling up that roast.

(Is love an appropriate verb to use for meat?)

With all those multiple meal ideas comes the reality that I must hide the left overs in a very secure location or six pounds of meat are gone. Literally. At. One. Sitting.

With my carnivore family’s love of roast, I often mix up our favorite foods with varying seasonings. Traditional roast melts in your mouth, but a Mexican Roast melts in your mouth adding a little zip to it.

Different flavorings for differing moods.

Mexican Roast at 10minutedinners

Often, I simmer my roasts in a crock pot all day, but for this one, I decided to use a Dutch Oven on the stove. (Any similar pan would work just fine.) A Dutch Oven or similar Le Creuset pan (on my wish list) allows you to quickly brown the pot roast and cook it all in one pot.

One pot meals makes my dish washing daughter very happy. 🙂

Pot Roast Mexican Style

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  1. I am so going to make this! I totally pinned it too!

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