Cheesy Mexican Chicken Casserole

Please raise your hand if your children continually bypass the last third of a bag of tortilla chips for the fresh bag?

What’s with that?

Is there something inherently wrong with chips at the bottom of the bag? Obviously, my children think so because last week I found FOUR, yes, I’m admitting this knowing full well some of you will now question my mothering ability, FOUR bags of partially eaten chips.

This hits on a peat peeve of mine, so after I addressed this topic once again with our kids, I decided that dinner needed to be planned around the use of these tortilla chips.

Enter Cheesy Mexican Chicken.

A recipe that can be switched up depending on what ingredients you have in your pantry.

Can you tell I love those kind of recipes?

And obviously my children love this as well.

Yes, I snuck this picture because it so accurately portrays many of our meal times. Typically, it’s our teen boys who are at the trough, but today it was our sweet girl who just loved every bite of this cheesy goodness.

Layered with many of our favorites, the blend of cheese and chicken, chips and veggies makes for sheer delish.

Remember, if you don’t have one or two of the ingredients, don’t fret. You can make this by substituting spices, veggies or just omitting an ingredient altogether.



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  1. Annmarie W. says:

    Thanks! This looks yummy and easy. I usually make tortilla soup to use up those leftover tortilla chips, so it’s nice to have some other recipe now I can go to!

  2. Something my grandsons (ages 6 and 4) cn help me make to take home to feed their family – after taking a helping out for grandma! Thank you sharing these easy peasy, and yummy, meals.

  3. P.S. – the chips at the beginning of the bag are bigger! Therefore they taste better!!

  4. I use a similar recipe for the chicken, but after I prepare the chicken ingredients and cook the chicken, I heat them altogether in the microwave. From there, it becomes a Mexican chicken salad with corn chips as base, lettuce, tomatoes, Mexican chicken and green onions and diced tomatoes on top. If my family wants a wrap, I use flour tortillas, lettuce, Mexican chicken with diced tomatoes and green onions. When I need a party snack, it’s Mexican chicken warmed with corn chips on the side to use as dippers! I have never taken Mexican chicken to a party without several people asking for the recipe, either! It can have the heat turned up by using chopped canned jalapenos and/or the juice from the can. Just

    add a little juice and keep tasting until you reach the right “heat” level. This is one tasty versatile recipe!

    • oh Phyliis – those are such great ideas and you think just like I do. I would love to use your ideas in a post since it’s always fun to read other people’s ways to cook. Would you mind? How does your chicken recipe differ from mine if you wouldn’t mind and I’ll share with my readers.

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