To Where Have I Disappeared? Peru…

Day 2 PE 448 CDSP Sponsor Meeting Web 032 The Best Christmas Present Ever (Day 2)

My dreams for 10 Minute Dinners did not include launching this blog in October and then fleeing you the last part of November, but that is just what I’ve done.

I’ve spent the last week in South America. Yes, a land far, far away and so very different from the comforts of my cozy, NC kitchen.

For a few of you, you followed along at my lifestyle blog, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, but many of you have wondered what happened to the quick cooking tips you were promised.

Each evening, I’d pondered sharing some of the conversations I was having with the Peruvian women, specifically about recipes and cooking, but just couldn’t wrap my mind around writing more in addition to what I was posting over at BBB.

One thing was so special though, women connect in the kitchen.

Whether that kitchen runs without electricity and water, as the majority of the women I met struggled with, or function divinely like some of our full fledged gourmet, granite counter top set ups, women’s hearts meld when our desire is to feed our family.

I anticipated, zeroed in on it, and shared life with many Peruvian women around the question of meal time and recipes.  Language issues break down and cultural barriers shatter.

In that moment, we are just moms, standing around a pot of rice, desiring what’s best for our children. For them, it’s that they will find a way to feed them then next meal.

Since I was traveling on behalf of  Compassion organization dedicated to breaking children free from the bondage of poverty, I knew I had the answer.

This Thanksgiving Week, if there’s one thing that you read to help put our blessed lives in perspective, I encourage you to unwrap The Best Christmas Present Ever.

Gather your family around the table this Thanksgiving, share those things most meaningful that you are thankful for, and then remember what it means to have the opportunity to learn to even make 10 Minute Dinners. I’m still wrapping my mind around that blessed fact as I process my trip abroad.

I’m so grateful that I live in a country where that’s a possibility and will share these recipes with just a bit more knowledge of just how fortunate we are to do so.

Bridgets house in Peru The Best Christmas Present Ever (Day 2)My precious Compassion Child’s kitchen, and her brave mom whose story broke me.

One family has to walk up and down this rocky, steep hill with buckets just to get the water that’s only available every other day. It puts a new perspective on making a quick spaghetti dinner, doesn’t it?

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