Grilled Portobello Pizza Burgers

When I started 10 Minute Dinners, I knew that it would lean heavily toward the beef and poultry recipes, with a smattering of pork recipes, since that is what my family gobbles up most frequently.

Quite honestly, most of my “Go to” meals are in those categories, but I knew that expanding our palette was going to be crucial, since a 10 Minute Dinners site would be awfully boring if it never ventured towards vegetarian and seafood.

Yes, I will be hiring someone who adores seafood because it’s just so good for you and cooks up easily, but I admit, I would not be the best recipe taste tester for them.

With three teenage boys, vegetarian dinners are harder to find for their humongous appetites, but this Grilled Portobello Mushroom Pizza Burger, slathered with lots of melted Mozzarella Cheese, satisfies even their hard to please criteria.  It’s a really unique way to enjoy a “burger” and with the mushrooms, sauce and cheese, it’s truly a gourmet vegetarian delight.

The best part is that if you put the mushrooms in the marinade earlier in the day, it’s literally a fridge to feast meal in ten minutes.

Now if I could just learn how to grow those mushrooms, I’d be in business.

Do you use Portobello Mushrooms in Recipes?

Have you tried grilling them before?

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