Easy Russian Apricot Chicken

This is one of those unique flavor combinations that makes you wonder how in the world someone first mixed them together, but the result is fantastic. It’s a simple 4 ingredient recipe that’s been around for decades, but because I can never just keep anything to four ingredients, I’ve added some optional additions along the way.

This recipe is for those that like their chicken on the sweet side. The apricot jam lends a nice touch of sweetness, without being too overwhelming. It’s also versatile because it’s just as yummy baked in the oven as it is in the crockpot.

This chicken always tastes delicious served over rice, but you can sprinkle some yummy pecans or pine nuts to a side of stuffing for a fancy touch.

C.O.S.T. (Cook once, Serve Twice) cooking : Use additional chicken for a Chinese – Almond Casserole I will be posting soon or a quick Veggie Chicken stir fry. Since the chicken is already cooked, add seasoned Frozen Stir Fry veggies to your skillet til warm and then mix in your Apricot Chicken. My kids love this healthy meal.

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  1. I bet my little family would love this.. I’ll definitely have to try it soon. I always keep apricot preserves on hand and tend to have 3 or 4 jars in the pantry cuz I never remember how many I have on hand when Im making something with it. 🙂
    Thanks for a great recipe idea! Blessings!

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