Terribly Terrific Taco Ring

Jostling around, I worked the room.

Yes, with new born babe carefully snuggled on my back, a cheese grater in hand, and a Pampered Chef Round baking stone underneath me, I shared with ladies far and near my love of all things “Rings.”

No, not diamonds, even though I hear they are a girl’s best friend, I prefer to contradict that statement and testify that this Taco Ring might just be up there as well.

Ah, such memories swirl as I think of my years as a Pampered Chef consultant, and this “Ring” technique (along with the braid) was at the heart of it. I can’t even believe that with all my years blogging at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, these recipes were not posted until last week when I shared my Turkey, Ham and Cheese Ring.

I love sharing recipes that have never met a doubter, and this is one of them. I’ve made rings for a quick dinner, luncheons, bridal showers, 50th anniversary parties, you name it, I’ve served it.

It’s has such a beautiful presentation when completed that it’s perfect for entertaining. I’ve served them sweet and savory, vegetarian, beef and poultry, healthy or pure indulgence –  there are so many options with this technique, just know that this Taco Ring  unleashes a world of possibilities, and have fun with it.

If you’ve had one in the past, but never made it yourself, don’t be fooled into thinking it was difficult. It’s the easiest thing to whip together and it just can’t be messed up.

Since my kids love when I make this, they all had different requests, so I accommodated them all.

This is a prime example of having your proteins cooked ahead of time is the key to true, blue 10 minute Dinners. My pre-coooked chicken and Crock Pot Taco Meat allowed me such ease in whipping this together.

The recipe I share below is for those desiring to serve it as a very basic Taco Ring with just meat and cheese in the middle. Here is where you have the choice to improvise. Since we love black beans, I add them into  the meat mixture to make it a meal. I will also add chopped onions, garlic, pepper and even a dash of salsa to really make the filling substantial. When I’ve been out of black beans, I’ve spread refried beans right onto the Crescent Roll dough before piling on the meat mixture. Again, there is no right or wrong with this technique. Add what you love.

Depending on where you are serving this, determine the diameter of your circle by the bowl you will use. If you choose not to serve any salsa or dipping sauce, you can position the triangles much closer together and not even leave a hole in the middle. If serving this for guests, you can even just arrange tortillas chips in the middle for a quick fix as well.

There are so many wonderful possibilities.

Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear your favorite.

C.O.S.T. Cooking Tip: Add some additional beans to thicken of the consistency of the Dump and Run Taco  Soup, and it would make a great filling for this easy taco ring.

Turkey Ham and Cheese ring @beautyandbedlam Turkey, Ham and Cheese Ring (Tasty Tuesday)

Head on over to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam to try the Turkey, Ham and Cheese Ring. Oh my, it’s so good!

Coming up next….

Same technique, different ingredients. I told you my children requested a little of everything. 🙂

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  1. OH my goodness!! I used to fix the taco ring all the time when I was a PC Consultant!! I haven’t fixed one in a long time! I have crescent rolls in the fridge!
    I used to fill my center with a salad!!!

  2. Karla Neese says:

    I haven’t made a PC ring in ages!! Perhaps one will turn up on my menu plan this week.

  3. Thank you, I know what we’re having for dinner tonight, lol. I make this ring every Thanksgiving night with the leftover turkey, etc. But then I don’t make it the rest of the year! hmmmm

  4. I made a taco braid last night for Taco Tuesday. It was so easy – thanks for the inspiration! The family says it is a keeper. 🙂


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