Curried Honey Chicken with Almonds

 Do you ever get in a cooking rut?

Especially when schedules are busy, I tend to always cook the same things over and over.

As I browsed recipes that were different from the kinds of foods we usually eat, but not too far outside the realm of comfort, I found some ethnic sections in old cookbooks.

Essentially, I was looking for a combination of flavors and ingredients not commonly put together in a dish—at least in our experience. The result turned out a bit different than I expected—much lighter in flavor—but very good in terms of flavor and texture combination.

I love being surprised with flavors and it’s been so good to stretch our meals. This recipe is incredibly healthy, lines up with my 17 Day Diet regime and all the kids wanted seconds, so that equals a Win! Win! all around.

Can this chicken stir fry really be prepped in ten minutes?

The time comes from all the prep in chopping the veggies, so the only way this works into my ten minute hands on prep guarantee is if you use previously chopped veggies and have taken advantage of mixing up this marinade on one of your Power Cooking Hour prep sessions.*( important post to read)

One of my best tips is to mix up a few ziplock bags full of marinated chicken, so that you are ready at a moments notice.  My goal is to always have marinaded chicken, as well as veggies, chopped and ready to go.


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