Crock Pot Meatball Sub Sandwich

This has been a week on the run, and our three teen boys have been mumbling about the fact that it’s quite impossible for them to gain weight (so not fair) when there’s nothing to eat.

Now, lest you think I let them get away with that, no, I do not. Those comments were quickly followed by my lecture reminding them of the long list of foods in the fridge and freezer by which that they have been trained to make for themselves, including the multiple bags of frozen meatballs that I stockpiled with a great sale and coupons.

Pre-packaged meatballs truly are a wonderful “make it in a hurry” food to have around. They aren’t just for spaghetti anymore. Now, of course, I whole heartedly approve of making your own meatballs in bulk and having those in the freezer as well, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

Meatballs can be turned into such a variety of meals, but typically, we just heat them in the microwave with some BBQ sauce and go to town. Lately, meatball sandwiches have been our quick fix. After de-thawing them, I put them on an open face roll, sprinkle cheese on top and throw them under the broiler with a little extra sauce. My kids go wild.

With that in mind, why not get a jump start on a day when scheduling reeks havoc on our time table and have them waiting for you in the crock pot?  Being welcomed home by this delicious aroma after a long day out, brings a sigh of comfort.

With this simple mixture of ingredients, it’s always fun to try something new and create a unique taste and this Crock Pot Meatball Sub is the perfect comfort food. We want to keep the family guessing, and by making the topping a bit more substantial than just BBQ sauce, it’s perfect over rice or noodles as well. But why stop there, if you add additional veggies to the crock pot, you can save the extra sauce and veggies to make a great base for a BBQ Veggie pizza the following day.

Yes, it’s a C.O.S.T Cooking meal. (Cook Once, Serve Twice or three times :))

Who says that the process cannot be just as enjoyable, and the results just as extraordinary, when simple ingredients are thrown together?

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