Simple Sausage Balls Meet Glamour Shots

sausage balls in decorative jar

I still can’t believe my mom wouldn’t let me go. I was 16 and all my friends were getting these amazing make overs. Their mothers would take them to the mall, they’d have their hair and make up done and then their glamour shot session would begin.  After a few days, (remember it was an […]

Terribly Terrific Taco Ring

Enjoy this Delicious Taco Ring at

Jostling around, I worked the room. Yes, with new born babe carefully snuggled on my back, a cheese grater in hand, and a Pampered Chef Round baking stone underneath me, I shared with ladies far and near my love of all things “Rings.” No, not diamonds, even though I hear they are a girl’s best […]

To Where Have I Disappeared? Peru…


My dreams for 10 Minute Dinners did not include launching this blog in October and then fleeing you the last part of November, but that is just what I’ve done. I’ve spent the last week in South America. Yes, a land far, far away and so very different from the comforts of my cozy, NC […]

Sharing My Family Dinner Questions: Free Printable

Family Dinner Questions Jar

There are many reasons behind the launch of 10 Minute Dinners. As most would assume, it’s a place to come for quick and easy recipe ideas when we need someone else to do the thinking for us. In addition, it’s my desire is to create a place on the web that celebrates and elevates the […]

Spontaneous Hospitality

root beef float night

Summer should be a time of lazy days by the pool, cook outs with friends and special family get togethers. I wish I could speak to all the above, but our summer has just flown by in a frenzy, and I am missing out on some simple summer pleasures. When my sister in law mentioned […]