Breaded Skillet Chicken Carbonara

Is anyone else having trouble recovering from the Thanksgiving holidays? We survived another all-out traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and I thought everything turned out very well. However, after that marathon I wasn’t sure I wanted to see the kitchen again, and ended up taking a few days off from cooking completely.

Now I’m back with an all-new creation of my own. Due to circumstances conspiring together, I was unable to do a real menu plan for the week, so I hit the kitchen to see what ingredients were available, and tried to concoct a meal or two as needed. This dish was one of the results.

Served alongside a helping of paprika home fries, I completely made this dish up on the fly. Some of it was from produce and other bits left unused from Thanksgiving dinner, thrown in with one of our home’s staples—boneless skinless chicken.

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