Black Forest Ham and Cheese Panini

Often we forget that it’s the littlest touches that make a meal special or memorable. Even in creating a 10 Minute Dinner, we can add a unique touch without a lot of time.

For instance, instead of just serving your basic ham and cheese sandwich,  slather the outside bread with butter or olive oil, grill it up hot and tasty so that cheese melts down the side, make sure you add your favorite toppings and sauce, and watch your family beg for more.

You know the wonderfully fun thing about grilling Paninis? You don’t really need a special panini maker to enjoy the same delicious taste.

That’s right. All you need is a little bit of improvising and everyone’s happy.

I love writing for Land O’Moms, They shared their wonderful panini with me, and if you head over to their site, I see a great printable coupon for their ham right now. (I love coupons.)

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  1. I have deli sliced turkey and today my grands are getting a Grilled turkey and cheese sammie for lunch! Yummmm. Also good with sliced tomato inside the Sammie also.

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