Black Bean Soft Tacos

Simple Black Bean Tacos - love making in bulk

We are such a Mexican flavor loving family that for the number of tacos we eat on a regular basis, it’s just wrong that I haven’t put up a recipe before today.

Light in bulk but heavy on flavor, you can put these flavorful soft tacos together so quickly. As with so many meals of this type, you can change and mix up the ingredients.  That’s probably why I haven’t posted it because I never really use a set recipe. That’s the beauty of 10 Minute Dinners.

Look in the fridge, see what you you enjoy and mix it together with some easy homemade taco seasoning and you are ready to go. Many of these ingredient options I’ve prepped ahead. For instance, I cook rice in bulk and have it separated in zip lock baggies to heat when I need it.

To save time, I cut, dice and slice onions and peppers in larger quantities  at one time because when I am in a hurry, the last thing I want to do is chop an onion. I also have burrito filling mixed and I’ll make sure and get a recipe up for you. It makes meals like this stress free during the dreaded. “What’s for dinner hour??”

Check out my  One Hour Power Cooking hour for ideas. 

This mixture is good for anything.

I didn’t include it in the ingredient list since this is a perfect vegetarian meal, but offering Taco Meat on the side (meat cooked ahead in the crock pot, of course) is a great option if serving guests.

When trying to save money, I opt for meatless meals. In order to make it a complete protein meal, I add varying beans to the recipe. I love to cook up large pots of beans and freeze them in individual serving sizes. With the cost of canned beans on the rise, this is such an easy way to save money, plus I know exactly the ingredients going into my recipe.

A few years ago, I did a video showing how easy it is to make your own Crock Pot Beans/ Refried Beans. I chuckle at this video now, but it helps the visual learner.


Homemade Taco Seasoning

 Easy Homemade Taco Seasoning Recipe


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