Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Lime

Sometimes I watch cooking shows and hear the commentators, judges, chefs, et al use certain words to describe foods like “earthy,” or “fresh.” I then wonder to myself, “What does fresh taste like?”

Admittedly, I understand better now that my palate is broadening. I remember eating my Beef, Barley, and Mushroom Soup and thinking, “Oh, this is what earthy tastes like.” It’s not something you can describe really, you have to experience it first hand.

The same holds true with the word fresh. If you’ve waited to have a simple and fresh food experience, here’s your chance, and when it’s the middle of winter, certain days I just crave fresh (after my pots of chili and mashed potatoes. ;))

We eat tomato based salsa nearly every day and it gets quite costly to always be buy the quantities our kids go through. In the summer, when there’s an abundance of reasonably priced produce, I make up loads of varying flavors of salsa, but the beauty of this recipe is that for winter, canned works well.

It’s easy, frugal, so very healthy, and whips up in less than ten minutes. With any salsa recipes, you can swap out ingredients of your preference, so if you don’t like jalapenos, swap for green chilies or omit all together. If you love cilantro, add some.  We love fresh garlic, so I may toss a bit in here, but didn’t include it for the list of ingredients, since many of you may go running.

My point? It’s flexible.

Remember, part of creating a 10 Minute Dinner mentality is thinking outside the box and understanding how to create recipes that serve as double duty helpers. We use this salsa in the obvious manner with chips (and guacamole), but then I may use extras as a layer for my 7 layer dip, or for tacos, burritos or even as an addition to a Mexican Lasagna.  If you double the batch one day, you can even throw the extras into our favorite Dump and Run Taco Soup and dinner is nearly done for the next day.

So many options. Enjoy!

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  1. First time I made this I wanted to sit on the floor,with the bowl of this, bag of tortilla chips and eaten all of it! Oh yum!

    • haha – I can completely understand that and the good thing is that it’s so healthy, we can (well, minus the bag of chips, but whose counting. ;))

      • I did put some in a salad along with some grilled chicken. It was very ood. I live in California so I HAD to put some crushed tortilla chips in it! I didn’t add any dressing to the salad though! There was enough juice in the corn salad to flavor the lettuce/chicken alad.

  2. Just found both your blogs yesterday and have loved poring over them. Thanks from a fellow busy homeschool mom (of four) for all your tips. I applaud your modesty and frugality, and have already added several of your recipes to my upcoming weeks’ menus. I love how your posts are written as if you’re sitting right next to me. Keep up the great work! Following both!

    • You are so welcome. So glad you have found my little spot here in the blogosphere and yes, I wish we were all sitting down sipping some coffee together. 🙂

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