31 Days of Soups & Casseroles

Enjoy a delicious month! 31 Days of Soups and Casseroles at 10MinuteDinners.com

I can hardly believe that October is upon us, can you? The days, months and weeks are flying by, but when autumn hits, so does my deep and abiding love for all things Comfort Food.

Over the next month + a few more weeks, I will be sharing all things Soups and Casseroles. Yes, I know, it just makes me happy thinking about it. The best part about these recipes is that I will share shortcuts and tips to guarantee that the prep time comes in at ten minutes or less.

My fall scheduling and calendar is the most hectic of my whole year, so I need to know that meal preparation time is kept to a minimum. For instance, get a heads start by reading my suggestions from my Power Cooking Hour that revolutionizes my mealtime and allows for these quick and easy meal ideas to become a reality. Next, gather some of your favorite family meals and get them organized in your Meal Solutions binder.  Trust me, it sounds like you’d have to be super organized to accomplish that, but it’s specifically designed for those, like myself, who need the extra brain power when that “What’s for Dinner?” question hits.

I can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you.

If you have some of your tried and true unique favorites that just scream comfort food to the masses, I’d love to share them as well. Just let me know.

Yes, we surely are whipping up a delicious fall.

Let’s get homemade dinners on the table quickly and easily. I want to spend less time over the stove and more time around the table where all the meaningful magic happens.


31 Days of Soups and Casseroles at 10MinuteDinners

Thai Pork Kabobs with Peanut Sauce

Delicious and easy Thai Pork Kabobs with Peanut Sauce

There’s always something so festive about Kabobs. It brings us back to our childhood when little boys dream of eating things off of sharp sticks.  :)

Honestly, they are just fun and I love to mix and match varying ingredients.

What many don’t realize is what a wonderful option Kabobs are for any kind of entertaining. They cook up so quickly, so they’re perfect to make ahead of time, allowing my poor hubby a little time away from the grill. While I often make kabobs on the grill, I’m sharing directions for doing them in the oven, giving  you a bit more versatility.  [Read More...]


Healthy, Homemade Fries (Best Ever)

I’ve shouted it from the rooftops before, but any kind of potato falls in my most favorite foods category. Yes, my friends often laugh because I order french fries every time we go out. I’m a connoisseur, you could say,  and if an establishment doesn’t have great fries, I may not return. Yes, I may […]

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Grilled Chipotle Skirt Steak

At the height of the summer grilling season, a cook’s best strategy is to seek out the freshest ingredients and infuse them with delicious flavor. It’s hard to believe how tender skirt steak can be when it’s so easy to grill to perfection with just a few key ingredients. I’ve been a huge fan of […]


Black Bean Soft Tacos

We are such a Mexican flavor loving family that for the number of tacos we eat on a regular basis, it’s just wrong that I haven’t put up a recipe before today. Light in bulk but heavy on flavor, you can put these flavorful soft tacos together so quickly. As with so many meals of this type, you […]