Potluck Green Bean Casserole

This most requested potluck side dish - Green Bean Casserole

Were you a church potluck attender or gatherings that you rack your head wondering what to make? Well, if you grew up in church, or attended family reunions, you probably remember at least one green bean casserole showing up on the buffet table.

I’m convinced the French fried onions on top are simply a lure to get all the kids at the potluck to try the green beans underneath and for the most part, it works. This is one of life’s all time favorite comfort food casseroles, isn’t it?

We always had this at Christmas and those memories stick. I love how certain recipes do that.  [Read More...]

Simple Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

It was 6:15 o’clock last night, and I had no plans for dinner.

I looked at the clock and panicked.

Time had slipped by in a flurry of  “What in the world.  It was just 2:00. Where did the afternoon go?”

By 6:25, this epitome of all comfort foods dish was heating in the oven. By 6:45, the kitchen was flooded with smells that warmed my heart, alongside sounds of children singing my praise for serving their favorite food of all time – this oh, so very Simple Shepherd’s Pie. (Although, they do say that about a few other things as well.)

There’s just something about Shepherd’s Pie that equals comfort. Yet, often, we equate it with a lot of work in the kitchen.


It’s all about just layering your favorites of what you have on hand.

If I haven’t convinced you before to cook up a big batch of Ground Beef in your Crock pot, this should make up your mind. Run, put that meat in your crock pot now, well, unless it’s dinner time. Then it will be ready for tomorrow.

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easy taco soup

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Believe it or not, but this Homemade Hamburger Helper has a gourmet touch. One of our kids favorites.

Homemade Hamburger Helper Recipe

What kind of strong emotions does the words Hamburger Helper bring to mind? I am going to admit, that for many, it brings back fond memories of family meal time around the table and distinctively says comfort food at its finest. To others, the instantaneous thought of, “How can you ever purchase that box mix?” […]


Easy Sour Cream Enchiladas

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