Black Bean Soft Tacos

Simple Black Bean Tacos - love making in bulk

We are such a Mexican flavor loving family that for the number of tacos we eat on a regular basis, it’s just wrong that I haven’t put up a recipe before today.

Light in bulk but heavy on flavor, you can put these flavorful soft tacos together so quickly. As with so many meals of this type, you can change and mix up the ingredients.  That’s probably why I haven’t posted it because I never really use a set recipe. That’s the beauty of 10 Minute Dinners.

Look in the fridge, see what you you enjoy and mix it together with some easy homemade taco seasoning and you are ready to go. Many of these ingredient options I’ve prepped ahead. For instance, I cook rice in bulk and have it separated in zip lock baggies to heat when I need it.

To save time, I cut, dice and slice onions and peppers in larger quantities  at one time because when I am in a hurry, the last thing I want to do is chop an onion. I also have burrito filling mixed and I’ll make sure and get a recipe up for you. It makes meals like this stress free during the dreaded. “What’s for dinner hour??”

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Fast Fajita Salad

Fast Fajita Salad

When trying to eat healthier, salads are a “Go To” option, but why is it that salads always taste so much better at the restaurant? The ingredients are the same, but there’s something about enjoying without having to chop, dice, mix etc.

Restaurants fill the salad bowl with a variety of creative ingredients, so I decided it’s high time that I do the same. No more lettuce with a few carrots, diced chicken and dressing for me. I was going to bring Restaurant Quality Salads to my own table and thus this Fast Fajita Salad made it’s appearance.

Grilled Fajita Salad

This is definitely a C.O.S.T (cook once, serve twice) Cooking Meal for me because when I grill or pan fry fajita meat, I double the amount needed so my proteins are cooked in advance. That’s always what takes the time. Now, I already have a second 10 minute dinner possibility later in the week. (For instance, a delicious Stir Fry.) [Read More...]

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