Curried Honey Chicken with Almonds

 Do you ever get in a cooking rut?

Especially when schedules are busy, I tend to always cook the same things over and over.

As I browsed recipes that were different from the kinds of foods we usually eat, but not too far outside the realm of comfort, I found some ethnic sections in old cookbooks.

Essentially, I was looking for a combination of flavors and ingredients not commonly put together in a dish—at least in our experience. The result turned out a bit different than I expected—much lighter in flavor—but very good in terms of flavor and texture combination.

I love being surprised with flavors and it’s been so good to stretch our meals. [Read More...]

Cheesy Potato Bacon Casserole

Bacon Potato Casserole

Do you want something a little out of the ordinary, yet simple to whip up?

It’s no secret that anything with the word potato in it quickly becomes one of my favorite things. It’s an inside joke with family and friends because I think if I could choose between a steak and the best fries ever, I just may choose the steak.

I know, I know, but I love my comfort foods and this one has all favorites mixed into one. It’s perfect for those potluck gatherings and just different enough that someone else will not bring it.

It’s also a recipe that can be pulled out during my Pantry and Freezer Challenge months, and I admit that the small amount of Corn Flakes that the kids leave at the end of the box get used for this recipe.

It’s very similar to my Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole Recipe, so compare them and see which you enjoy more. [Read More...]

Easy Baked Ziti

Easy Baked Ziti Recipe

Often, we use the phrase “blond Italians” in our home. No, we are not Italian, but by the way we inhale all things considered to be “Italian food,” we need to be. We LOVE our pasta!  There’s nothing yummier to smell than homemade sauce simmering on the stove, but in my stage of life, I’ve [...]

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Recipe – Perfect for Sandwiches, Rice +

I just love when a friend says, “Can you really call this a recipe? It’s too easy.” Now honestly, I don’t think it was meant to be a compliment, but I am going to turn that remark around because we all know that this is a place to celebrate quick, easy and delicious meals with [...]


Easy Homemade Pizza (or Pasta) Sauce

When a recipe mentions homemade pizza sauce, I typically tune that out and immediately substitute a great store bought variety because why make homemade with a 10 Minute Dinners philosophy? Ignore that now! There’s nothing better than whipping up a multipurpose easy homemade pizza (or pasta) sauce, and since we’re doubling and tripling the recipe, [...]