Dump & Run Taco Soup

For years, this easy taco soup recipe has been a staple in our home.

In fact, it’s quite possibly the most requested recipe by our kids, and the fact that it takes less than 10 minutes to throw together makes me “Mother of the Year” quite often.

They don’t need to know just how simple it is to grant them their favorite meal requests, and I don’t plan on announcing it anytime soon. What’s wonderful about this meal is that it gets better with time. The seasonings deepen as they mix, so making extra to serve later is something that’s a given.

They always remind me though, “Make sure you make lots, Mom. It will be even better tomorrow.”

It’s one of my three top choices when entertaining large groups, along with my Mom’s Homemade Lasagna. Everyone loves Taco Soup (and it’s very easy to make it vegetarian for special guests),  plus it freezes perfectly, so it meets just about everyone of my criteria.

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Homemade Hamburger Helper Recipe

Homemade Hamburger Helper with a gourmet touch @10minutedinners .com

What kind of strong emotions does the words Hamburger Helper bring to mind?

I am going to admit, that for many, it brings back fond memories of family meal time around the table and distinctively says comfort food at its finest.

To others, the instantaneous thought of, “How can you ever purchase that box mix?” undoubtedly rings true. Well, I am going to combine the two ideas and create the best of both worlds.

Yes, this is a Homemade Hamburger Helper recipe with a true gourmet touch and it’s delicious!

Believe it or not, but this Homemade Hamburger Helper has a gourmet touch. One of our kids favorites.

Oh, I wish I could capture a better picture to let you know just how delicious this is, but we all know that Hamburger Helper has never quite been known for it’s beautiful look, just the delicious blend of flavors.

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